DermaSense - Lemon Extract Whitening Face Wash

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Oily Skin attracts dirt and impurities to your skin. and can lead to acne breakouts and pimples. Lemon lite oil control face wash has been specifically formulated to clear the skin of dirt and excess oil. DermaSense Lemon Face Wash contains real lemon extracts, Vitamin E, Cleansing agents and soothing ingredients to leave your skin clean, matte and shine free. Vitamin E enriched; real lemon extract helps to effective control facial oil. Vitamin E is a known anti oxidant. helping to care for and protect your skin. Cleansing Agents remove excess oil, for a matte skin. Soothing ingredients leave you skin feeling soft and smooth.

Directions to use: Gently apply facewash allover the face, rinse with fresh water. For best results apply twice a day every morning and night.